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Hello everyone and welcome to week 33 of the TNA Impact Power Rankings.  Week one of Genesis has passed and we have a LOT of activity.  Only three positions on the countdown maintained their status.  We have a new addition to the countdown and we’ve even had a three position move.  With that said, let’s get to it!


10 – Madison Rayne (-)


Your NEW Knockouts champion!  Taking the belt off of Gail Kim in what was described as a rather quick title match.


9 – Gunner (10)


Gunner was part of the winning team in a 12 man tag match to open the show.


8 – Ethan Carter III (8)


Okay, I KNOW this one’s going to ruffle some feathers, being as EC3 didn’t move UP after getting a pinfall win over Sting.  But the fact that it took Rockstar Spud AND Magnus as special referees to get it done, made me decide to not move him up.


7 – BroMans (Robbie E & Jessie Godderz) w/ Zema Ion (5)

BroMans1 ZemaIon1

The tag champs and their DJ drop a couple spots after being on the losing team in the 12 man tag match.


6 – Gail Kim w/ Lai’d Tapa (3)


Kim dropped the Knockouts title to Madison Rayne, ending her hold on the belt for this run.  Look for this feud to go on for at least another month.


5 – Samoa Joe (7)


Joe picked up the pinfall win over Daniels in the opening 12 man tag match.  Hopefully this will be the beginning of a push for the Samoan Submission Machine.


4 – Bully Ray (6)


TNA’s resident Bully finally defeated his demons in the form of Mr. Anderson with a big jumping piledriver.


3 – Chris Sabin (4)


The X Division Champion moves up a spot after accepting a challenge next week for his title.  The stipulation that Sabin’s girlfriend Velvet Sky will be in a cage at ringside and she just might leave him if he loses.


2 – EGO (Bobby Roode & “Bad Influence” (Christopher Daniels & Kazarian)) (2)


The trio of badness hold their high spot in the countdown in spite of Daniels suffering the losing fall in the opening 12 man tag match.


1 – Magnus (1)


The Undisputed World Champion remains on top of the list, appearing as a special referee during the EC3/Sting match.


Off the List

Austin Aries (9) – A Double could be back on the list next week if he beats Sabin and retakes the X Division title.  But for now, he’s off.


Well, that’s our list for this week!  This week’s show was a bit lackluster and very predictable, but still somewhat entertaining on the surface of things.  One thing I will say I was excited about was seeing “The American Wolves” (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) on my TV, even though it was only in a backstage segment.  Anyone who’s followed me for any period of time knows I’m a HUGE fan of the Wolves, especially Richards.

That’s all I have for this edition.  Be sure to come back tomorrow for Look to the East, where I’ll bring you the latest from the Land of the Rising Sun.  Until then folks, take care, stay tuned and remember…..listen to the stars, for they know all.


Dennis Gates Jr. (@knightnephrite)

Check out my Facebook page or for photos. iPPV
  • LOEWrestling

    Is EGO even still a stable? They haven’t done anything since Bound For Glory that would indicate they are.

    • themosayat

      I think they are. 2 weeks ago, roode sent bad influence after kurt angle in that steal cage match. and they still appear in IMPACT365 videos congratulating each other or mentioning each other as a group. just after angle beat both daniels and kaz 2 weeks ago, they were asked in the IMPACT365 post-IMPACT video if roode wanted them to soften angle up for him in the week after, and they answered by saying that roode doesn’t even need angle to be softened up for him to beat angle again, like he did 4-5 times before (they lost count of how many times, lol).

      but honestly, I don’t understand how stables work on these rankings lately.

      I mean, dixie’s kingdom (magnus, EC3 and spud) are more of a stable and interfere for each others’ matches than the bro-mans with zema or bad influence with roode. I think EGO need to be separated in these rankings, as should zema from the bro-mans even if they’re friends on-screen.

      • LOEWrestling

        When I did this I only counted honest stables, not ones in name only (like Ego). But it’s Dennis’ list and he can do it the way he wants. Though to be fair, Daniels and Kazarian lose all the time, so why isn’t Ego dropping on the list? They’ve lost 6 of their last 9 televised matches, and that counts a handicap lost to the unranked likes of Kurt Angle and Joseph Park. If we’re being fair here, they should be off the list by now, considering they make up 2/3 of the group, therefore have majority controlling power over the status of the stable, and keep losing matches in which they have the advantage.

        Also, two other major points of contention. 1) Why is Gail higher than the woman who beat her? If Rayne’s win was only enough to get to number 10, shouldn’t Kim of fallen out of it?

        And you can’t give credit for EC3’s historic win over Sting, but yet you don’t mind when Magnus is given an even bigger helping hand to beat Styles?

        I’m perplexed.

        • themosayat

          good points. hopefully, Dennis considers them.

  • themosayat




    ec3 beat sting. fullstop. end of story. that’s the bottom line.