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Ring of Honors top prospect tournament is in full force and the field is beginning show off some interesting talent that the ROH fans could get in to over the next few years. So far we only got to see the first wave of talent in the tournament as the first episode featured four participants. Three of the participants actually wrestled  but the one that did not is the person that I think out of the four will be the biggest start out of them all. His name is Benchmark Bill Daly and he is ready now to be the top prospect, well at least in his presentation. We did not get to see Daly wrestle but his gimmick is top notch. He is a super athlete that has agents nice suits followers and most importantly sponsors backing him. It kind of reminds me of MVP early in his WWE run. I like I think it could work and if he can back it up in the ring I see the Benchmark becoming a huge star for ROH in the future.


The man that Daily did not wrestle was Corey Hollis a man that has been on ROH’s Radar for a while and has been on many shows up to this point. Hollis did not get a pass though as his tag team partner Mike Posey challenged him to match for a shot to move on in the tournament. Posey proved to be a challenge for Hollis but in the end Hollis got the victory with an explosive back elbow.


The other two wrestlers that wrestled on the show where Raymond Rowe and Kongo. Raymond Rowe has a great look and a sweet move set that he showed off in his match. Rowe interacted with the crowd and the fans in attendance seemed to be in to him. Rowe won the match with a interesting variation of the Go 2 Sleep that the crowd seemed to like. Kongo who was billed as a Prince Nana find did some interesting stuff in the match as well, which if you are able to get past Kongos look at least in this match it would be enjoyable. Kongo came out in a on strap singlette that was red and zebra two tone. Kongo’s face was panted with what I can only describe as two pizzas and his phasic was very much less then desirable. The thing is he can work in the ring which is nice to see from a guy his size. I think with some changes to his gimmick he could possibly do something in ROH down the road.


There are many more prospects on the next episodes of ROH TV and I hope to cover them on the next Talking ROH Weekly. This top prospect tournament has become a staple in ROH and it has been working so it is a good chance that it will work this year as well.

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  • themosayat

    raymond rowe is regular for NWA Houston, NWA BOW, and Austin’s Inspire Pro Wrestling. every time I see him on a show he’s in the best or second best match on the card. I remember his match with Bobby Fish in ROH. he had a great, GREAT match against Chris Hero for Inspire Pro and I think he has a bright future ahead of him as a no nonsense killer!

    • LOEWrestling

      He got his break in Cleveland, where I’m from and was trained by a guy I greatly respect,so I’m hoping he does well.