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jeff jarrett nwa champ

In one of the most hilarious rumors I’ve ever read, WrestleTalk.TV, a show that airs in the block of programming with TNA’s Impact Wrestling over in the UK, has released a column yesterday proclaiming one of the most amazing, yet highly unlikely rumors I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I swear to you, I can’t make this stuff up.

The author; a man by the name of “The Inside Man” (that name ooozes credibility by the way…*sarcasm*), has published a column that you can read HERE, about the reason why TNA won’t be going back to the Universal Studio’s to shoot their show; Impact Wrestling. The reason? Because Jeff Jarrett snaked the bookings for his new promotion.

Here’s the bulk of the rumor in it’s entirety.

According to a source who is very much connected in the industry, there is apparently a far more insidious reason than previously believed for TNA not being able to return to the Impact Zone. Apparently it has been booked right out from under TNA by none other than…… Jeff Jarrett! You heard me. The former founder of TNA himself. Further more I’m being told that people within TNA are seeing this as a declaration of war by the second generation star. Messy.

There also appears to be speculation that many of the former TNA contracts that ‘forgot to be renewed’ were not just an accident but were in fact the result of a certain person in the company attempting to set things in play for either a hostile take over or to set up on their own wrestling promotion with a new money backer. A promotion using the stars and ground work previously laid out by TNA itself. Despite the fact that no one will confirm 100% if this is alluding to Jeff Jarrett, you would have to think that it is considering the current internet rumors about country music star Toby Keith previously looking to buy TNA and place ‘Double J’ in charge. Double messy.

I think this rumor is as unfounded as any I’ve ever heard of, so I don’t want anyone to think I believe this. However, with the fact they randomly are done shooting at Universal Studios (for the time being), Jarrett’s alleged new promotion, Jarrett’s “boys” getting cut and a rash of other unproven rumors (Dixie wanting to rename TNA to Impact Wrestling), I couldn’t just not mention this gem of Tom Foolery.

This reminds me of “The Informer”, I think that was his name, back in the WWF magazine from the late 90’s/early 2000’s. Random, impossible rumors, but so much fun to speculate.

So you tell me, is there any truth to this? Do you want there to be? Sound off in the comment section below. iPPV
  • themosayat

    whatever, man. lol.

    • LOEWrestling

      lol how can you not love this story?

      • themosayat

        what I loved more about this story is how you were promoting it on twitter, haha. keep up the good work, guys :)

        • LOEWrestling

          It’s hilarious lol. We love laughing at bad wrestling stuff “laugh of the week” video is proof of that.