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Welcome to another edition of the Nightly News. I’m covering for Nikki today, and Alex will cover her on Friday. So lets do this. We gotta get the LOE-based links out of the way first off. The LOE Wrestling Year End Awards are up! Go to HERE to view all the winners of the LOE Wrestling Awards from 2010 to now!

We are making some changes to the shirts, but for now they are still available by going to this link HERE. Also, DVD’s are for sale HERE.

Now, to the news.

Raw Results – The Usos beat Bryan and Wyatt after interference by Rowan and Harper. Cena beat Sandow. Big Show then defeated Jack Swagger. Even though CM Punk once beat all three members of the Shield on his own, he ended up losing to them when the New Age Outlaws turned on him. AJ Lee pinned Cameron in a tag team match. Kofi Kingston FINALLY got a major win, over Randy Orton. The Rhodes Brothers beat Ryback and Curtis Axel. Alberto Del Rio beat Rey Mysterio. The Usos beat Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt in a steel cage.

Major Star Injured? – According to, Daniel Bryan allegedly suffered a concussion, though we have seen no other website report that yet. He’s not supposed to wrestle at Smackdown tonight and remains unsure when he’ll be cleared to.

Update: We’ve been able to find out that Daniel Bryan has in fact received a major concussion. He’s under going tests to determine just how severe. There’s no word on how long he’ll be out, but the current word making it’s rounds is that he couldn’t remember much of the steel cage match.

New Hall of Famer Announced – Of course by now, if you haven’t heard, The Ultimate Warrior is going into the WWE Hall of Fame. While Ryback is claiming he was asked to induct Warrior (….no one believes yous….) the most likeliest of people to induct him is Rob Van Dam. Van Dam and Warrior have been friends for a long time, and Van Dam was even the one who helped Warrior train back in 2008 for his return match against Orlando Jordan for Nu-Wrestling Evolution. The two have a tight bond, and with Van Dam expected back for WrestleMania 30, it makes sense.

TNA Cuts Another – We confirmed last night that Jay Bradley had been cut by TNA (FUCK!) but we can now confirm through PWInsider that Wes Briscoe is officially gone from the company. Briscoe got cut because, well, he’s not that good. And I firmly believe that Bradley got cut because he was a “Jarrett Guy” but you won’t see anyone say that publicly. I believe that other talent, like Kenny King, TJ Perkins, and Garrett Bischoff (when his dad finally leaves TNA, from what I’m hearing he’s still under contract) are all in danger of possibly being cut as well. Rob Terry may also be on that list, but right now he’s heading back over seas for Wrestle-1.

And finally, with a heavy heart we have to announce that the Hall of Famer and one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, Mae Young, has passed away tonight. Our condolences go out to her friends and family.

That’ll do it for tonight’s news. As you can see, not that much stuff to go over.

It’s not my day to post regularly, so no “Song of the Day” for you guys today. Gotta wait til Thursday.

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  • themosayat

    fuck, fuck, fuck! if that prevents bryan from participating in the rumble, I’m going to have all the sads D:

    I was thinking hogan will be the one to induct the warrior, no? whatever…

    • LOEWrestling

      While Hogan and Warrior are “friendly” to one another, neither are really friends with each other, as they’ve both taken some SERIOUS digs at each other in the past.

      Warrior claimed a lot of shit about Hogan’s personal life that was EXTREMELY unprofessional. The shit he accused Hogan of was just…slanderous.

      • themosayat

        oh, ok. but whatever… I don’t care who inducts who.