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Welcome to another edition of the Nightly News. I’m covering for Nikki today, and Alex will cover her on Friday. So lets do this. We gotta get the LOE-based links out of the way first off. The LOE Wrestling Year End Awards are up! Go to HERE to view all the winners of the LOE Wrestling Awards from 2010 to now!

We are making some changes to the shirts, but for now they are still available by going to this link HERE. Also, DVD’s are for sale HERE.

Now, to the news.

New Talents at Genesis ? – It’s being confirmed that Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards are in town for Genesis tonight. There was a big meeting in the back today, and it’s quite likely that Dixie discussed why she is bringing in new talents, Jeff Jarrett, and more than likely an introduction for all the new talents on hand tonight. James Storm noted on Twitter that he was surprised at the talents, which may mean he was surprised at who showed up, or just how many. It’s been expected for some time that more than just The American Wolves would show up. In turn however, there also seems to be a lot of discussion among TNA higher ups over who’s going to get cut to make room, and two names are Garrett Bischoff and Knux. Though I personally think Knux has value in an enforcer role, or as an enhancement role.

Speaking of Jarrett…. – Jeff Jarrett was in Los Angeles this week to push forward whatever his new project is. It was more likely his way of getting investors for the project. He has been telling everyone close to him that they’ll know what’s next for him (Jarrett) when the timing is right. So until then, we’re left with questions and mystery.

Outlaw Update – A bit of good news for the New Age Outlaws, you very well may be looking at future tag team champions. The Outlaws are expected to challenge the Brothers Rhodes at Royal Rumble for the WWE tag team titles. With the fact that Goldust, a fellow Attitude Era breakout star is set to feud with his brother come WrestleMania 30, this may be the perfect opportunity to crown new tag team champions. And with the Outlaws expected to stick around for the foreseeable future, it would make sense to put the belts on the team that is the closest associated to Triple H.

Update on Ryback – The current word making the round the internet is that Ryback is not a person people like in the WWE. There used to be a small smattering of vocal supporters for Ryback but even they are having trouble sticking up for the man. With Ryback’s free fall demotion, his unfortunate pairing with Curtis Axel and his Twitter tirade, it’s no surprise that Ryback has worn people out. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get cut in the near future.

Bryan/Wyatts Plan – Shockingly enough, NO the plan was NOT to have Bryan turn on the Wyatts this past Monday. The WWE apparently made the rash decision to end the segment only after two weeks because of a “Yes!” chant at a NCAA Basketball Game, involving the home crowd of the Michigan State Spartans. While initially pleased with how it went over, with Bryan out with a major concussion and now with nothing for the Wyatts to do until his return, the WWE must be asking themselves if it was really “best for business” to hot shot the angle.

Your “Song of the Day” is the Bear McCreary version of Jimi Hendrix’s “All Along the Watchtower”. It’s from the show Battlestar Galatica. Enjoy!

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  • themosayat

    again… I would LOVE to see ryback outside of WWE and in the indies or in japan. I wish him the best in his future wherever he goes/stays.

    • LOEWrestling

      I’m right there with you. It seems like his time is coming to an end.