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Welcome everyone to a special edition of Breaking Down Wrestling. Yes this is Friday, yes this is your nightly news recap and no you are not going crazy. With Nikki out of commission this week, I am taking over the Friday recap, so today we are seeing things “The Way I See It”. You know I had to do that, but I will still do my best to live up to the great Friday recaps I am sure you all come to expect. You can always come here to expect the best place to get all your news. Only here can you get all your news in one place, on the best website, the top website, the number one website and quite frankly, the only website you will ever need, LOE Wrestling. Let’s get to the news because the news is getting antsy.


Impact Wrestling Recap – The show opened up with Mike Tenay and Taz commenting on the passing of Mae Young and said the show is dedicated to her memory. Team Dixie comes on down to cut a promo about tonight being a “Genesis”. Sting appears in the crowd to say a team will battle them, and an impromptu 12 man tag match happens pitting Samoa Joe, Eric Young, Joseph Park, James Storm, Gunner and ODB defeating The Bro Mans, Bad Influence, DJ Zema and Lei’d Tapa. Chris Sabin walks in on Velvet Sky and Austin Aries talking and then cuts a promo about it in the ring. Aries challenges Sabin to a match next week for the X-Division title with Velvet Sky in a cage ringside so he cannot use her to his advantage. Sky then hints at if Sabin loses, she might have to go elsewhere. Bully Ray defeated Mr. Anderson in a No DQ match. Side note: Bully had “MAE” written on his wrist tape, very subtle yet very classy. Kurt Angle out to warn Dixie not to mess with his family. Roode then hits his Roode Bomb on him. Roode/Angle next week in a cage. Madison Rayne was attacked backstage before her match, and despite that, defeated Gail Kim to win the Knockouts Championship for a fifth time. Sting vs. Ethan Carter III received a screwy finish after interference from guest referees Rockstar Spud and Magnus. Sting then challenges Magnus next week to a title match and if Sting loses, his career over. Cue the contract negotiations talk.


NXT Special Update – According to PW Insider, The live WWE NXT special that will air on the new WWE Network will likely be two hours long. WWE wants to make the show bigger than normal with a feel similar to WCW’s Clash of Champions shows. I think it’s funny that they say with that kind of feel because there are so many shows (such as Genesis last night) that promotions want to have a “Clash of Champions” feel, but yet it never happens. And with people that the main stream audience barely knows, I kind of feel as though this attempt will also be what all others have been before it, a feeble attempt. If you think the same I feel or have different opinions then let me know in the comments below.


WWE Stars Married – No it isn’t Miz and Maryse, no it isn’t Nikki Bella and John Cena. But it is a star of “Total Divas”, as WWE Diva Naomi and Jimmy Uso were married yesterday in Hawaii. The wedding was filmed for Total Divas so be sure to see it in the future for yourselves. While we all may have our own opinions about “Total Divas”, we here at LOE would still like to congratulate Naomi and Jimmy Uso on their marriage.


DGUSA Matches Announced – Dragon Gate USA has announced two title matches for their event on February 23rd. The Open The Freedom Gate title will be on the line as Johnny Gargano defends vs. Roderick Strong. The Evolve title will also be defended as AR Fox defends against Chris Hero. The event will take place in Brooklyn and seems like it will be a good night of matches so go to it if you happen to be in the area.


Jim Ross Comments On Media – More specifically the Oklahoma media, but I’m sure I don’t have to remind you that Mae Young passed away earlier this week. Jim Ross took to Twitter to state how embarrassed he is at the Oklahoma media. Mae Young, who was born in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, who started her amazing career in the same state, who is one of the two women who helped revolutionize women’s wrestling, has not gotten much mentions in the media. He describes this as appalling and encourages the sports media in OK to do their homework. I agree, if such a legend and pioneer was born in my state, I would make sure the whole state in fact, knows that such a person has been lost.


That will do it for tonight’s edition of Breaking Down Wrestling. Be sure to check daily for all of your nightly news recaps and analysis columns. Listen to LOE Live every Tuesday night at 9PM EST/6PM PST. Follow me on mah fire-breathing Twittah machine @Lilchief2007. And don’t forget, when you need someone to delve into this wacky sport we call wrestling, you can always count on me to Break Down Wrestling twice a week. Until next time, so long and see you later. iPPV
  • themosayat

    “Bully had “MAE” written on his wrist tape, very subtle yet very classy.”

    wow! didn’t notice that. my respect for bully was already at 100%, but it’s even beyond that now.

    as for NXT, I think they can pull off something like that at least for this show. how? by actually using some of the former NXT talent that moved to the main roster (the shield, big E, the wyatts, cesaro, etc) to come and participate in the event, both to make people care about it and hook them up, and because they also got some unresolved storylines and old feuds that could fit logically and normally for that.

    • LOEWrestling

      Bad Influence also wore black arm bands in memory of Mae as well.

      I think the best way for NXT to really “arrive” with such a major show would be to have this card as their template.

      Now, I wouldn’t give The Shield or The Wyatts air time, so I’d give The Wyatts as a group time, while Seth Rollins takes on a young upstart face in NXT, or maybe Big E.). Have Fandango, Cesaro, Xavier Woods,Big E and two other lesser known NXT stars and do a 3 on 3 match.

      A tag team title match is obviously in order. As wood be a NXT Divas match. The participants could and should be those who the fans most want to see fight for the belts.

      Main event, Bo vs. Zayn, where Zayn wins the belt. This is a mini NXT-Style-Mania and should be booked as such.

      • themosayat

        nice move from bad influence, too. didn’t notice any of these acts. good on you for doing so.

        yes, I agree about that card for NXT. and I wouldn’t take anything less, really! I was disappointed badly by the 200 anniversary show and I hope they deliever on that network debut episode.

        so, we’re alreayd getting Paige vs AJ Lee and Paige vs Emma being built up, now. I suppose we get AJ vs Paige for that big show, and continue building for Emma vs Paige after it.

        Zayn vs Bo is a must at that show, and Zayn winning it of course!

        it’s sad that NXT doesn’t have tag teams now to build for a tag title match… and honestly, if the prime time players or the usos are never going to win the main roster’s tag belts, I’d like to see them appear in a short program in NXT for their tag belts and I wouldn’t mind if they win them and stay for a bit longer until WWE puts together a new rookie team and put them over by beating them later.

        the stand out talent in NXT other than that right now are tyler breeze, alexander rusev, aiden english, adrian nevielle and maybe mojo rawley… I’d LOVE to see seth rollins vs adrian nevielle! as I’d also love to see fandango teaming with tyler breeze vs big E and maybe xavier woods. I’d also love to see aiden english with damien sandow vs big E and maybe cassidy riley or something. another match up that I wish we could see on that show would be alexander rusev vs big E.

        • LOEWrestling

          I would imagine with this possibly being one of Rusev’s last NXT bouts, he would face someone he could put over on the way out. You know the NXT roster better than I do, so pair with him whoever fits best.

          I was unaware AJ Lee was going to wrestle for this show. When was this announced?

          • themosayat

            rusev’s last NXT bouts? he’s being called up?! so, that’s why he’s having a feud with kofi kingston! each guy won once so far, and I think the tie breaker is coming.

            AJ vs Paige isn’t official yet. Paige challenged AJ for a match backstage 2 weeks ago, but that’s it so far.

          • LOEWrestling

            He’s doing dark matches, he’s already very polished by WWE standards, if he’s not called up around WrestleMania (more than likely the night after or in the Rumble) I’ll be surprised.