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Welcome to another roaring edition of Breaking Down Wrestling. As I mentioned yesterday, I would still be bringing you Breaking Down Wrestling so lucky for you, my amazing brand of recapping is brought to you three times this week. We always make sure your nightly news is brought to you by one person or another, since we here understand how important it is to us to make all you fans get the news you need for your day in one place. That one convenient place just happens to be here, on the best website, the top website, the number one website and quite frankly, the only website you will ever need, LOE Wrestling. Let’s leave everything else at the door as they say and let’s get the news started shall we?


Smackdown Lowdown – The New Age Outlaws defeated the WWE Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes and Goldust in a non-title match. Rey Mysterio defeated Alberto Del Rio but got beat up after the match by ADR. Bray Wyatt cut a great promo about last Monday’s events. Naomi defeated Tamina Snuka who was accompanied by Divas Champion AJ Lee. Big E Langston defeated Fandango with Summer Rae. The Uso Brothers (Jimmy and Jey) defeated The Real Americans (Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro). CM Punk calls out both The Outlaws and The Shield, but Kane comes out to let him know that he is going to be looked after so no harm comes to him. Once Punk tells Kane to shove it, he sics the squads on him, but Kane ends up doing the dirty work himself with a chokeslam on Punk to end the show.


Tommy Dreamer Update – According to PW Insider, Tommy Dreamer was backstage for Impact on Thursday. He was welcomed back to the company during the talent meeting and worked as an agent for several matches. It’s unknown at this time if it was a one time event or if it will lead to a larger role for Dreamer in the company. John Gaburick has been building a new office staff in recent weeks. With his work in TNA not just recently as it seems but in the past, I would not be surprised to see Tommy Dreamer back as more of a full-time agent and with the way things are changing up a lot, it would also be more likely. Would you want to see and hear about Dreamer in a backstage TNA role? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


Kane Hangs Up – WWE Superstar and on-screen Director of Operations Kane ecently appeared on The KiddChris Show in Cincinnati. When the interview was just going to seemingly start, one guy on the show asked if he was talking to Kane or Issac Yankem. for those of you who do not know, in the early 90s, Isaac Yankem was a previous gimmick of Kane who was labeled as the personal dentist of Jerry Lawler. Kane then says why don’t we do this interview some other time with an obvioius reluctant tone in his voice. The crew laughed it up thinking he was joking, then Kane says he’s serious and wishes them to have a good day. The host asked if he was serious and Kane says “yeah”. Dead air then occured as the show realized he really hung up. This can be taken as many ways, and more than likely, it might be taken as Kane being unprofessional. Leave your thoughts on this in the comments as usual.


Lawler vs. Lawler – Speaking of Jerry “The King” Lawler, he is set to compete in a match against his son in a few weeks. Lawler will face Brian Christopher at the Southern Heavyweight Classic Tournament at Minglewood Hall in Memphis, Tennessee on January 30. Tickets for the event are $10. Bell time is 7PM. This one should be an interesting one so if you happen to be in the Memphis area, for $10, I say go for it.


Bobby Eaton Update – Former WCW star and member of the Dangerous Alliance, “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton is still hospitalized as of last Wednesday due to complications from diabetes. He also had heart problems earlier this year. Aside from being apart of the Dangerous Alliance along with Steve Austin and managed by Paul Heyman, he was also a WCW World Television Champion before losing it to “Stunning” Steve Austin. On behalf of all of us here at LOE Wrestling, we would like to send our best thoughts and wishes to Bobby Eaton and his family.


Could Owen Be Inducted – In an article on PW Mania, Smith Hart, the older brother of Bret and Owen Hart, discusses a possible loophole which could see Owen Hart be inducted into the Hall of Fame despite the issues between WWE and Owen’s widow, Martha Hart. Owen Hart unfortunately passed away at a WWE PPV in May 0f 1999 after an accident during an attempted entrance went horribly wrong, causing his premature death. Martha filed a wrongful death lawsuit and the suit as settled, but the issues still continue after footage of Owen was used for a Hart Family DVD collection. Smith says in the article that just like the Four Horsemen were inducted as a unit in 2011, the WWE could one day possibly induct the entire Hart Foundation, consisting of Bret Hart, The British Bulldog, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, Brian Pillman and lastly, Owen Hart”. This would also be a loophole for Pillman since the former wife of Pillman isn’t exactly on speaking terms with WWE either. It could work, but I am sure Martha would imminently object once word got around about this. Would you want to see the WWE take this kind of chance one day at the expense of possibly upsetting Martha again? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


That will do it for tonight’s edition of Breaking Down Wrestling. I told you this would be a roaring edition. Be sure to keep it locked on daily for all of your nightly news recaps and analysis columns. Listen in to LOE Live every Tuesday night at 9PM EST/6PM PST. Follow me on Twitter @Lilchief2007. And don’t forget, when you need someone to delve into this wacky sport we call wrestling, you can always count on me to Break Down Wrestling twice a week. Until next time, so long and see you later. iPPV
  • LOEWrestling

    That’s an interesting piece on Kane. I mean on one hand I have to wonder what the interview was over, because Kane is very political, so was he lured onto the program under the false idea that the character Kane would be set aside and Glenn Jacobs would be given a chance to share his thoughts.

    Or was it a WWE hype interview. Because if it was the former, yeah, dick move on the radio show host.

    But if it was supposed to hype an upcoming WWE event in Cincinnati, then that’s a real dick move. All he’d have to say is “Yankems with New Diesel and Katie Vick, in a place we’re all hoping to forget” and that sets the tone and moves the interview on.

  • themosayat

    yes, I’m happy to see dreamer in TNA. the guy got a nice wrestling mind as he was responsible for a couple of ideas in ECW along with heyman, got nice connections with many indy talent and old legends who could now form working deals with TNA some times, and is a friend for bully ray and some people in TNA that would be happy to have him around. I hope raven and scott d’amore follow dreamer in, and I thank john gaburick for doing this.

    yes, I hope WWE can find a way to put owen hart and all those in the HOF as well.

    • LOEWrestling

      Heyman was very rarely responsible for the ideas in the ECW creative meetings. Everyone flat out said that they had almost all creative control over their characters and what they wanted to do and say in the angles. Heyman gets far more praised than he rightly deserves. That whole amazing Dreamer/Raven feud? Raven and Dreamer came up with the whole thing practically. Heyman didn’t even discover the curisereights like he claims to admit, because WCW had discovered nearly every single Mexican star and used them nearly a year before Heyman brought them in. Look up “When Worlds Collide” the WCW/AAA ppv.

      I would love to see Raven and D’Amore join with Dreamer and Gaburick in TNA. Hopefully those three guys can help Lagana right the creative ship along with Bully Ray.