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Major Star to Miss Lockdown?
Chad | Nightlies | January, 14 2014 | 10 Comments

TNA only has three of these a year, and it’s important to bring your best roster possible to these shows.

Well, TNA looks to be down another wrestler, as it’s being reported by Alex Barie of Wrestling News World, that Kurt Angle may miss Lockdown. Angle is scheduled to go in for an arthroscopic knee surgery on February 11th according to the report, which would make his return for Lockdown, on March 9th. Healing for this time of procedure is usually about six to eight weeks. iPPV
  • themosayat

    this is how I hope this goes.

    angle beats roode to get in the HOF before taking a break for that surgery. he comes back in the road to slammiversary and puts magnus or whoever the champion is over before his contract comes up. even I don’t want angle in TNA anymore as much as he seems like he doesn’t want to be in it so, I predict and wish he doesn’t resign. he did everything there is to do and is very appreciated for that, but he better get his final run in WWE.

    btw, do you guys think that, on purpose or by coincidence, TNA are going to test and experience if their show ratings and PPV buys could be handled well by their core original talent and the new young ones without the old former WWE/WCW stars to see if they’re important and should be resigned or not? the UK tour and lockdown might answer our concern about TNA not really “needing” anyone, and that no one really is a “draw” for them, and that they should replace anyone for any younger and cheaper talent because that might actually help them build future stars while the old ones don’t really make any difference. (I’m not saying any of that is confirmed, yet, but it seems they’ll (and we’ll) see that soon.)

    • LOEWrestling

      I’ve long maintained that Spike TV’s limited exposure and advertising of Impact is keeping them from achieving bigger numbers.

      I think what you’ll see, assuming Styles, Angle, Jarrett, Sting and Hardy leave/stay gone, and Joe, Daniels, Aries and others of the old guard leave, the ratings will go down.

      And if the ratings take a big hit, which I predict will happen if they lose all of them, Dixie will panic.

      • themosayat

        nah, I don’t think they’d leave joe, daniels and aries. not even hardy, too. they’re all still good workers and serve a purpose, and are probably willing to stay for some simple and realistic terms. the same goes for storm, roode, anderson, bully and the rest of the old guard.

        sting, angle and styles are the ones that I think TNA are losing in 2014. (jarret, too, but he did nothing on screen for TNA and his backstage role can be replaced easily) I hope joe doesn’t join this group and stays with the first one. but he’s not featured much lately and isn’t affecting the ratings neither positively nor negatively. his terms are getting a bigger role, and I hope TNA gives him that because I think he can run with it, and I hope it reflects a success in the ratings, too.

        do you think there’s any other place for TNA to take IMPACT to other than SPIKE? and if not, and spike will still not promote IMPACT enough like you said, then, is this a no-win situation?

        • LOEWrestling

          Unlike a lot of people you ask this question to, I do believe there are plenty of markets out there that would welcome it.

          in the states we have a national station, MyNetworkTV that had Smackdown for a long time, but was out bid by SyFy to keep them. If MNTV wanted back into original programming, Imapct could go there.

          There’s also FX and FXX who cater to a more adult male crowd. If the WWE leaves USA, which I don’t think is likely, USA would probably look to spite the WWE (NBC Universal is very spiteful). TNT and TBS could always end up being carriers of wrestling once again, seeing as how their programming is getting riskier again. Also, anyone who says that’s not likely due to them dumping WCW, I say this, the people who made that call have long been fired. TNT and TBS would welcome a show with a million and a half new viewers.

          There’s also the option of HBO/Showtime/Starz as all premium channels have or had some time of sports for their channels.

          The two biggest and most likeliest of landing spots are FX and the new start up Fox Sports 1, as they’re in desperate need of anything that even resembles a 7 figure audience.

          • themosayat

            what do you think is the reason that TNA aren’t considering these options?

            are they just too afraid to risk cutting ties with spike only for the other stations to not resign with them in the future and then they have nowhere to go? could there be a reason for them not showing the will to move away from spike or are their buisness people just stupid? are they afraid that if they moved then they wouldn’t get the same amount of viewers to move with them to the other network or something?

            or are they happy with their relationship with spike because it offers maybe the most money and also is currently giving them a good lead-on with Cops that might give IMPACT some more viewers at the beginning of the show of those that sticked with the channel after the last program?

          • LOEWrestling

            in all honesty, I think it has to do with the fact that Spike is over paying TNA for their show. and TNA doesn’t want to risk someone under bidding Spike and Spike still letting them go.

            The thing is though, the lead in show for TNA is irrelevant. People who watch COPS don’t traditional watch wrestling, as it’s aimed at different age groups and were for a long time going head to head in Saturday’s with WCW programming.

          • themosayat

            I was thinking the same about COPS, but I noticed IMPACT lately just starting with a bigger number in the first quarter hour every week (while declining from there until the end of the show) and I’m just thinking that it isn’t a coincidence. I don’t know. maybe some people just leave the TV on the same channel after finishing watching it and then something on IMPACT caughts their eyes at first or whatever? oh, well, this is not the most important point here anyway…

            the most important one is the other one, which I agree with you about. that SPIKE is probably paying TNA well for IMPACT. but I STILL think that TNA needs to start freakin’ consider saving money every year for promotion (which they are very bad about). promoting their shows when they film outside of their home base for better attendance, and promoting their TV show with commercials on other channels and so on. the number of people that doesn’t watch IMPACT only because they don’t even know what TNA is and who they could gain by promoting might be more than anything their biggest names could ever draw for them just without promotion and by hoping people just tune in while flipping the channels and stopping to watch a familiar face.

          • LOEWrestling

            Like with what happens with the WWE, by the time the last few segments happen on TNA, the show has beaten them into submission.

            And you’re right, their promotional skills are down right shit.

            It’s aggravating to see them fumble over and over and over again. And to bail on shit after a few weeks. remember how much coverage TNA 365 got? Now you hear nothing about it.

            While every Monday night we get a step by step instruction on how to use the WWE App.

            There’s a reason why the WWE is so much bigger than TNA.

          • themosayat

            were TNA better at this in the past, with guys like don west or maybe someone like jeff jarret in the back? or were they always this bad at promoting?

          • LOEWrestling

            It was always a hard thing for them to do. in the past however, the fans were so pro-TNA that it was remarkable. The fans who knew of TNA were more likely to love TNA than not. I’d say a good 85 percent of the people who knew of the company enjoyed it. Now that number is around the 30 percent mark I’d wager. TNA back then didn’t need advertising because the die hards were doing so much for them to get others to watch the product.