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Sting 2013

In the same article that talked about Kurt Angle’s up coming injury, writer Alex Barie mentioned that the TNA futures of their two biggest stars, Sting and Jeff Hardy, may very well be up in the air.

Sting’s contract is up very soon, as he renews every January and there seems to be some discussion (if not concern) about his return to the promotion. Jeff Hardy on the other hand is about to enter his optional year in his contract. An option in a contract allows either the company or the athlete the “option” of ending their deal should they want to. Both parties can have the ability to terminate the contract, which appears to be the case for Hardy and TNA. The current rumor is that Dixie Carter may try to get Hardy to restructure his contract for less money. This leaves the future of Hardy in limbo, as he could be a free agent come March of this year.

Kurt Angle though may be another name that could be leaving TNA in 2014, as his contract is up in summer according to Angle himself.

With AJ Stylse, Devon, Matt Morgan, Mickie James, Tara, Jeff Jarrett gone and Sting, Angle and Hardy possibly joining them, one cannot deny that TNA is in a state of flux.

Sound off below; do you want TNA to part ways with their big name stars? Or will losing them hurt the product too much? iPPV
  • Mark Bassett (MarkyB)

    I’m just waiting for Sting vs. Hogan 2 at Starrcade 2014